Оригинальные учебные работы для студентов

Контрольная работа 3 по английскому языку ургэу

Read the dialogue on p. Write a summary of the dialogue in 5 sentences.

Контрольная Английский язык, вариант 1 УрГЭУ

Do exercise 2 on p. Do exercise 1 on p. Do exercise 3 on p. A Translate into Russian the sentences with the underlined words.

Контрольная английский. Уральский Государственный Экономический Университет.

B Make up 3 comprehension check questions about the text. C Make a digest of the text in 4 sentences — one for each paragraph.

  • What does the designer have to take into account working in Russian office?
  • I am writing a letter to my granny now;
  • Booby is also a good mixer and has a lot of friends;
  • The Clarks live in a semi-detached house with a garden in London;
  • Он - высокий сильный мальчик, широкий в плечах и тонкий в талии;
  • Мы Вас приветствуем сердечно, чтобы посетить семью Кларков.

Do not rewrite the sentences of the text! Make up a tour diary of your own for a 5-7 day fly-drive holiday of your choice.

Контрольная работа по «Английскому языку»

Use the diary on p. Do exercise 6 on p. Do exercise 7 on p.

Контрольная работа по Английскому языку Вариант 1 [08.12.15]

Do exercise 4 on p. Look these synonyms up in a dictionary and explain the difference between the three words in each group если трудно по-английски, объясните по-русски: Render the text about the Hilton Hotel on p.

ГОУ ВПО Уральский государственный экономический университет

Study some brochures and a make a short description of any 3 hotels providing information about their class, location, facilities, size and rates as it is shown on p.

Give synonyms words with similar meaning to these: Do exercise 5 on p. Write a promotional text of 6-7 sentences about a resort or hotel as a venue for conventions. Get back to task 36 above. Make up an itinerary for контрольная работа 3 по английскому языку ургэу 2-day post-congress tour.

  • Чарльз очень трудолюбивый и внимательный;
  • He plays the piano very well.

Fill in the blanks with prepositions. Use brochures to help you. First Class English for Tourism.


Oxford University Press, 1996. The Travel and Tourism Industry: